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‘The Invisible Man’ Android Malware Is New Sensation, Banking Systems in the UK, Germany, Australia, Singapore Are Its Prey

'The Invisible Man' Android Malware Is New Sensation, Banking Systems in the UK, Germany, Australia, Singapore Are Its Prey

Using your android devices for banking purposes?  Well, you should maintain caution then.  A dangerous Android malware that steals all your confidential banking details is on a loose.  Belonging to the Svpeng malware family, this specific spyware has been reported to infect the Android handsets in the UK, Singapore, Australia, and Germany.

It has been labelled as ‘The Invisible Man’.  It pops up like a flash update that ultimately targets your credit card credentials, password and username.  It comes with a power to make you poor in one single day by stealing all your money from your account.

The Invisible Man has been detected by the Kaspersky Labs.  Researchers have found out that even your most up-to-date smartphones can be affected by this looming virus.  Android phones with the tightest security systems and the latest version of the software are also being targeted, leaving a sense of fear in the customer base.

Until now, the virus has progressed enough to overtake the data stored in 6 Singapore, 10 German, 9 Australian, 8 French, 9 Turkey, 7 Polish, and 14 UK banking apps.

Roman Unuchek, a Kaspersky analyst believes the spyware to be of Russian origin.  The virus has not affected any device which exhibits the default language as Russian, he mentioned.  Researchers are considering more depth to confirm the news, however.

The malware makes it entry disguising as a fake Adobe Flash Player.  You might come across such fake flash player and download the APK.  The consequences of the installation might hit you the worst.

The malware is also termed as a Andr/Banker-GUA by the Sophos Lab.  The software grants itself the administrator rights on your devices.

The virus acts as a keylogger and creates an invisible overlay above your keyboards.  This allows the malicious software to record your key strokes.  So, whenever you log in to your banking apps to make payments, it can easily access all your typed data.

Moreover, The Invisible Man installs a compromised SMS app, that entitles it to make calls, send messages, mine contacts etc. using your handset.  It might even block your access to the device completely.

Here the quote of Josh Billings has a role to play.  The best way to convince a fool that he is wrong is to let him have his own way.

To avoid the virus attacking your phones, make a clever move today.  Set your default language in the device to Russian.  The virus is seen to abort its activities on noticing this point.  As a defensive measure, remember one red flag to be a flash player download option.  Install it only if required from the trusted original Adobe Flash Player.  Also, try to avoid running apps that asks you for permission to use accessibility services.  In this way, you can protect your devices and be on safe waters.

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