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Tesla Model X Hacked to Manage Controls Like Opening Doors or Applying Brakes While in Motion

Tesla Model X Hacked to Manage Controls Like Opening Doors or Applying Brakes While in Motion

Launched with a 5-star safety rating, the Tesla Model X is quite susceptible to attack by hackers.  Hold on, you need not worry.  The only thing that you are required to do immediately is to check whether your car’s software has received version 8.1 (17.26.0).  If not, you should update the firmware as soon as possible.

During the DefCon Hacking summit, researchers made thorough study of the Model X, only to reveal that the car’s security faces a threat from the hacking community and it is prone to thefts by the cyberpunks.

By only a click of a remote-control key, the hackers can easily open the doors of the car, or bring a moving car to a halt suddenly by external action itself.

The security researchers based on Tencent’s Keen Security Lab had demonstrated the hacking process during the challenge.  They have previously been successful with Tesla Model S to highlight its vulnerability features.

The researchers were able to remotely exploit the car’s key controls like turning the headlamps on and off, raising and lowering the windows and car seats, opening and closing the falcon wing doors, activating the windshield wipers, opening the trunk, and fiddling with the inside display of the car when the car is parked.  While a moving car could be forced to break, that could lead to major accidents and even prove fatal.

One of the Tesla Motors spokesperson reported that they encourage research of this kind so as to boost the security of their products by subsequent modifications.  “While the risk to our customers from this type of exploit is very low and we have not seen a single customer ever affected by it, we actively encourage research of this kind so that we can prevent potential issues from occurring.  This demonstration wasn’t easy to do, and the researchers overcame significant challenges due to the recent improvements we implemented in our systems. In order for anyone to have ever been affected by this, they would have had to use their car’s web browser and be served malicious content through a set of very unlikely circumstances.”

The researchers progressed through this finding by affecting the CAN bus of the car as well as its Electronic Control Unit (ECU).  The CAN bus enables communication between the car’s micro controllers, while the ECU controls over the electrical system of the car.

The security researchers from Tencent managed to cut through the hacking operations and provides you with the assurance of safety.  “The reported issues affect multiple models of Tesla motors. Based on Tesla’s report, most of the active Tesla motors have been updated to new firmware with patches via FOTA [Firmware Over-The-Air].”  The prompt measure from Tesla allows you to bag the needed security patch, pushed from July, over-the-air.

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