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Smartphone Messaging Apps With Best Rated Encryption

Smartphone Messaging Apps With Best Rated Encryption

Want to know how secure your daily messaging apps are.  Some apps you use may seem harmless to you.  But they really are dangerous.  The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has furnished a report grading the different messaging apps on their security.  The Secure Messaging Scorecard shows how well the apps incorporate the end-to-end encryption.

The 21st century has noted a rise in the rate of cyber-crimes.  It is good to know how safe you are on the social media platforms.  The international digital rights group, EFF has rated these apps as a pass or fail out of 7.

Let us begin with the apps that have scored 7 on 7.  Do check how many of these apps are you currently using.

Telegram: It is a fast and reliable messaging app.  Here your messages are heavily encrypted and can self-destruct.  It offers you safety from hacker attacks, while it doesn’t charge you a penny for it.  You can use the Telegram Messenger in your iPhone/iPad, macOS, Android devices, PC/Mac/Linux, Windows Phone and web-browsers.

Signal:  This is the most scalable encrypted app you can have.  It is developed by the Open Whisper Systems.  You can run this messaging app in your Android and iOS devices.  You can engage in private messaging and even private calling.  There is no need for you to fear the hackers in this platform.  For secure voice communications, it uses a well-tested ZRTP protocol.

TextSecure: Although, now merged with the Signal protocol, the textsecure also offered you encrypted instant messaging area.  It was designed for Android systems.  So, if you wish to secure your texts, go for Signal.

Silent Phone: Worried about phone tapping? Shoot for the Silent Phone secure calling app.  You can easily transfer files, message with high encryption even in cross platforms.  It can work effectively on your Android, iOS, and Silent OS systems.

Only the above four apps present to you with high end encryption.  Now let us look through the other messaging apps in a decreasing order of their rank.

WhatsApp: The instant messaging app for your Android devices has earned a superior 6 out of 7.  It has recently started encrypting all your messages.  You must be using this of course, and you are on safe waters.  The only problem that the codes of this app is not open for independent review.  Otherwise, it could have been classed with the four apps above.

iMessage:  Yeah, this one is for the iOS users of course.  If you are the lucky one, you should celebrate as it has bagged 5 on 7 for its security features.  It shows encryption in transit as well even the Apple cannot read your messages even if they want to.  You might be wondering then where it has lost its points.  Well, like the WhatsApp, it doesn’t have open coding system.  Furthermore, the contact identities cannot be verified if you use this app.

Facebook Chat:  The most common Messenger unit exhibits a loose security grip.  It managed only 2 out of 7 points.  The messages you send via Facebook are only encrypted in transit.  However, the Facebook can access them on high orders.  It means you are checked here.  So, think before you send something felonious down this app.

Snapchat:  Following the footsteps of Facebook, it displays only 2 on 7 again.  The same reason behind the score is the only transit encryption.  It might show your activity if it gets hacked any day.

Viber:  It might lure you with free calls, messages anywhere any time.  On the other side, it has got a weak security system.  Viber managed with only 2 points on the round.  It also exhibits transit encryption, which can be accessed on order by Viber.

Google Hangouts/Chat:  This also skips the security features and comes down with a 2 on 7.  Your messages are encrypted in transit only.  Google can have a good read on orders.  So, be careful with what you share in your hangouts.

Skype:  The famous Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) client turns up horribly in the secure apps list.  It is sitting on the verge with 1 point at hand.  If encryption keys are stolen, then your data might be lurking in danger.  Microsoft has access to your activities in Skype.  The coding system is also not open for review.

You must have found for yourselves how safe your information is while you busy yourself in these messaging apps.  If you feel you need a change over, make a good move now.  Secure your data with the fully encrypted apps.  Walk out of the lion’s den and not into it.

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