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How to Recover Hacked Instagram Account?

How to Recover Hacked Instagram Account?

Instagram is such a famous social media platform that it is now accessible to people worldwide. Everyone uses the application and shares a lot of photos and personal data. There is no wonder hackers are ready to gain control over the Instagram accounts. At times, you may come across random images appearing in your Instagram account which you have no idea about, or you might get a notification for following unknown people. The worst case scenario will be you are unable to log in to your account. It is a clear indication that your account is hacked. Sometimes in an attempt to gain quick followers, users don’t mind using third-party insecure services which is not recommended at all. You should only use trusted options like Instagram’s own ad network or services like boostinsta.

In case your Instagram account is hacked, there is a possibility that someone has changed your account password. Therefore, you may have a hard time logging in. Let us check the quick steps that will help you recover your Instagram account.

Instagram Account Hacked but Cannot Log in

Open the login page and tap on the option that says ‘get help sign in.’ Enter your original email address or name under the option. The method might differ depending upon the kind of device that you are using. If you are handling an Android device then, you have to click on the arrow icon which is located at the top right corner after you have completed the email entry process. On the other hand, if you are using an iPhone, then you can directly go to the next step. Select the option which is displaying Need More Help, and the app will guide you through the rest of the process to retrieve your Instagram account.

Hackers Changed Email Address? Here’s What You Can Do

Intelligent hackers will not only change your password but everything that relates to your account that includes your email ID, username, etc. Supposedly, you do not have access to the email ID which was linked to your Instagram account, to your utter dismay, you cannot follow any of the steps mentioned above.

Attaining complete entrance to your email account is eventually difficult. However, there are some ways that you can try to make it work. Firstly, check if you have an email within the email account which was used to create the Instagram account. When you are sending an email change request, Instagram will send you a mail. When you open the email, you will come across a link. If you do not receive the mail, then have a look at your junk mail and emails that you have recently deleted. Did you receive the email? If yes, then you must know, this is the simplest way to recover a hacked account.

To keep your Instagram and email accounts safe from hackers, you must use strong passwords, and they must not match. Often keep your changing your passwords and use only use approved third-party apps that you need and have complete faith.

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