Killer Instinct Classic Cheats Codes For Xbox One


    Killer Instinct Classic Cheats Codes For Xbox One Free Download. Don’t wait in endless arcade lines to play–Killer Instinct comes to Super NES with action, graphics and sound that annihilates all other combat games!Fulgore, Jago, B.Orchid, Spinal and all your favorite warriors contend in the Ultratech KI Tournament. Each combatant engages in the KI Combo Theory of connected moves and finishing tactics to destroy their opponents. With incredible displays of eyelasers, ice lancers, wind kicks, and laser blades these fearless fighters prove their battle prowess. But remember, if you lose, it’s hero to zero

    Xbox One Killer Instinct Classic Cheats And Secrets

    • All Hail the Chief: Win 40 Matches with Chief Thunder. 20
    • Ancient Power: Win 40 Matches with Spinal. 20
    • Around the World: Perform an ultra with every character in the game. 40
    • Blaze of Glory: Win 40 Matches with Cinder. 20
    • Cold Shoulder: Defeat Eyedol with Glacius. 40
    • Deadly Grace: Win 40 Matches with Orchid. 20
    • Endokuken Cheats Codes: Defeat Eyedol with Jago. 40
    • Feral Strength: Win 40 Matches with Sabrewulf. 20
    • Film Critic: See all Victory Animations and Endings. 40
    • Frostburn: Win 40 Matches with Glacius. 20
    • Howl Cheats Codes: Defeat Eyedol with Sabrewulf. 40
    • Inferno: Defeat Eyedol with Cinder. 40
    • Jurassic Bite: Win 40 Matches with Riptor. 20
    • Lasaken: Defeat Eyedol with Orchid. 40
    • Laser Storm: Defeat Eyedol with Fulgore. 40
    • Mildly Embarassing: Perform a humiliation. 20
    • Monster Mash: Get a Perfect in Arcade with Spinal, Riptor and Sabrewulf. 20
    • My First Ultra: Perform an ultra. 20
    • Power Devour: Defeat Eyedol with Spinal. 40
    • Rampage Cheats Codes: Defeat Eyedol with Riptor. 40
    • Rapid Jabs: Win 40 Matches with TJ Combo. 20
    • Rollercoaster: Defeat Eyedol with TJ Combo. 40
    • Sammamish: Defeat Eyedol with Chief Thunder. 40
    • Shameless: Humiliate every character in the game. 40
    • Support Your Local Arcade: Spend 400 credits. 40
    • Termination: Win 40 Matches with Fulgore. 20
    • Thrifty Cheats Codes: Defeat Eyedol using only one credit. 80
    • Tiger’s Fury: Win 40 Matches with Jago. 20
    • Ultratech Employee of the Month: Defeat Eyedol with all the characters. 80
    • World Tour: Win a match in every arena. 20

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