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    Dance Dance Revolution Universe Cheats Codes For Xbox 360 Game Secrets Free Download. Ddr universe takes the ddr series in new guidelines, with a extraordinary clean mode for beginners, and a relay mode that mode shall we friends and own family play ddr like a marathon race, allowing players to interchange off to different teammates. It has has guide for on line competitions and downloadable track packs.

    Xbox 360 Dance Dance Revolution Universe Cheats And Secrets

    • Western Region: Bongo
    • Nation Championship #1 Cheats Codes: Maximizer
    • Eastern Region: My Only Shining Star
    • Nation Championship #2: Paranoia Evolution
    • Southern Region: Return of the Toe Jam
    • Northern Region: Tir Na n’0g
    • Canadian Region: Xenon
    • Washington: Cachaca
    • Florida: Drivin
    • Ontario: Healing Vision
    • Texas: Koibito
    • New York: Love Me Do
    • Missouri: Stop Violence!
    • California Cheats Codes: Think Ya Better D
    • Illinois: Treble, Bass, and Attitude

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