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Spying Tools

Russian Hackers, Turla APT Group, Targeting G20 Participants for Cyber-Espionage

The well-known notorious advanced persistent threat (APT) group Turla is currently targeting G20 attendees.  Believed to of Russian origin, they are conducting a campaign against policy makers, politicians and media reporters ahead of the G20 task force meet.  The conference is deemed to be held in Germany on 23-24 October 2017. The cyber criminals are distributing a KopiLuwak backdoor Trojan over mails to…

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500+ Android Apps With 100Mn+ Downloads on Google Play Store Found Malicious

Android apps on Google Play Store can turn your handset as a spying agent.  More than 500 million apps were observed to be infected by a range of spyware.  The report was given out by U.S. based security firm, Lookout.  But you can breathe easy now.  Google has tackled this problem.  The malicious apps have been deleted from the…

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Non-Banking Apps Are New Target of Android Trojan Which Was Targeting Banking Apps

Do you cling onto the custom of booking taxis/flights/tickets using your Android devices?  Then you should be on your guard.  As of late, cyber criminals have turned their attention from banking to prospective non-banking apps.  Kaspersky Labs observed that the Android Trojan that has targeted the banking apps previously, is now eyeing on your non-banking activities as well. You…

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CIA Along With Its Partner Agencies Collected User’s Biometric Data: Wikileaks’ Vault 7

Another covert information collection tool used by the CIA surfaces.  It goes by the name ExpressLane.  What is interesting is that the CIA exploits this aid to secretly exfiltrate biometric data.  Furthermore, this is conducted against the liaison services of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The latest Vault 7 leak of the Wikileaks shows how…

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