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Password Cracking

iOS 11 Can Protect Against iPhone 7’s Passcode Brute Force, Claims Apple

Heard of the $500 device that hacks your iPhone 7?  No need to break out in cold sweat, though.  If there are problems, there are solutions too.  And Apple is best in proving that.  Well, it has side-kicked your fear of anonymous intrusion in your iPhone 7.  How?  It is simple.  By committing to the launch…

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Do You Know That Your Phone Can Be Hacked via Text Message?

Do you receive text messages over phone that sound like your bank account is not secure?  And do you notice it accompanied by a link or a phone number?  Then, you should clearly not pay attention to such messages.  It could be one means of trapping you into scam.  Cyber fraudsters are now leaning onto text…

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