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University of Washington Researchers Successfully Hacked Into Computer Using DNA

Until now, DNA was known to carry genetic information for growth and development.  Could you imagine the same deoxyribonucleic acid to act as a hacking agent?  Well, the researchers in University of Washington believe so.  Moreover, they have been successful in breaking through a computer system using this DNA malware. With this…

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Russian Hackers, Turla APT Group, Targeting G20 Participants for Cyber-Espionage

The well-known notorious advanced persistent threat (APT) group Turla is currently targeting G20 attendees.  Believed to of Russian origin, they are conducting a campaign against policy makers, politicians and media reporters ahead of the G20 task force meet.  The conference is deemed to be held in Germany on 23-24 October…

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After HBO, ‘OurMine’ Now Claims to Hacked Into SONY PlayStation’s FB and Twitter Accounts: Reports

Sony faces cyber interference again.  After a major blow in 2011, the current one seems to again question its highly debated security issues.  The hack was carried out by the ‘OurMine’ group.  They breached into the social media handles of Sony’s PlayStation.  This comprised the Twitter and Facebook Accounts. The…

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