Arcade Archives City Connection Cheats Codes For PS4


    Arcade Archives City Connection Cheats Codes For PS4 (PlayStation 4) Free Download. Race your speed demon car from New York to Tokyo in record time. With the cops and the enemy on your tail. They ambush you at every turn, pushing you off the road, leaping into your path. You outsmart them, firing an arsenal of oil cans you’ve collected in the road, knocking them out and racking up more points. Cover every stretch of the highway in order to hit the next city. You can make it. Or can you?

    Arcade Archives City Connection Cheat Codes For PlayStation 4

    • Aim to be the best! Cheats Codes: Online rankings has been opened. Bronze
    • Customize game settings: Game settings opened. Bronze
    • Game reset Cheats Codes: The game has been reset. Bronze
    • Arcade Archives City Connection: Mark high score: High score has been updated. Gold
    • Optimal display settings: Display settings opened. Bronze
    • Record score Cheats Codes: The score has been posted to the online rankings. Gold
    • Set button configuration: Button settings opened. Bronze
    • Settings can be accessed from here: Options menu opened. Bronze
    • The manual has been read: All of the manual has been read. Bronze

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