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    Aqua Aqua Cheats Codes For PS2 (PlayStation 2) Free Download. AquaAqua™ is an addictive, fast-action, water-based puzzle game of strategy and control set in a liquid landscape. Trap water by positioning pieces as fast as they fall to form dams and lakes. Watch the weather; if it rains too much your lake will overflow and your valuable water goes down the drain. If you lose too much water it’s “game over.”

    Aqua Aqua Cheat Codes For PlayStation 2

    • Super Speed: At the main menu screen hold the X button for twenty (20) seconds then press start.
    • Finish the game with a rank of ‘Master’ in all 4 stages and you’ll unlock the Hidden Feature stage in Story Puzzle mode Cheats Codes: Hidden Future stage
    • To unlock puzzle mode simply complete all of the lessons in training mode: Puzzle Mode
    • Successfully complete the Cenozoic Era to unlock the Ancient Civilization in Story Puzzle mode: Ancient Civilization
    • Successfully complete the Mesozoic Era to unlock the Cenozoic Era in Story Puzzle mode Cheats Codes: Cenozoic Era
    • Successfully complete the Paleozoic Era to unlock the Mesozoic Era in Story Puzzle mode: Mesozoic Era

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