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    Amped 2 Cheats Codes For Xbox Free Download. Amped 2 offers a freestyle snowboarding experience with a large and varied trick library. You’ll explore vast areas of wide-open, real mountains packed with terrain parks. Play head-to-head with friends in the various multiplayer modes. When you’re ready to take it to the next level, connect to Xbox Live to check rankings and challenge the world’s best virtual riders. Travel the globe, and pull sick tricks in front of sponsors, photographers, and fans. The latest snowboarding magazines or videos feature your photos and demo reels as you become more famous. Climb to the top ranks of the sport, and become a media superstar–all to the sounds of more than 300 killer indie tracks.

    Xbox Amped 2 Cheats And Secrets

    • Radical: 80’s Snowboarder
    • AllMyPeeps: All secret boarders
    • BrotherOfYeti: Bigfoot Character
    • FunnyBone: Bones
    • AllIce Cheats Codes: Courses are all icy
    • NoCheats: Deactivate Cheats
    • FrostByte: Frosty Jack
    • GetOffMyLand: Hermit Joe
    • LowGravity: Low Gravity
    • MaxSkills: Max out rider stats
    • MoCapMan: MoCap
    • NoCollisions: No Collisions with other riders
    • AllLevels Cheats Codes: Open all levels
    • FastMove: Rider moves faster
    • DontCrash: Rider never crashes
    • MetalMaam: Shiny Gal Character
    • SuperSpin: Spin Faster
    • ChillinWSteezy: Steezy the Penguin
    • Bunny Cheats Codes: Unlock a Pink Bunny that you can snowboard with.
    • ShowRewards: Unlock All Videos
    • BrotherOfYeti: Unlock Bigfoot charachter
    • GoTeamYeti: Unlock Yeti charachter
    • TrickedOut: Unlocks all the tricks
      GoTeamYeti: Yeti Character

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